The Indian Institute of Astrology was established on 29th October, 1978 with certain aims and objectives, the chief of which is to extend proper eductaion in astrology so as to create educated and efficient astrologers for the benefit of common people. It is a great pride to announce that our educational programme which started in the year 1981 has been continuing till date. Many of our students are practising astrology professionally, others have taken it as a hobby and are doing research work. Our practising astrologers have already earned good name among their clients and have enhanced the fame of I.I.A.

The name, address and description of the constituents of the first Managing Committe were as follows:
1. Raman, Dr. B. V. President Bangalore
2. Devi, Smt. Anjali Vice-President Calcutta
3. Singh, Sri A.P. General Secretary Calcutta
4. Roy Chowdhury, Sri B. Treasurer Calcutta
5. Lahiri, Sri N.C. Member Calcutta
6. Ayer, Sri V.A.K. Member Bombay
  and 54 others
Courses are taught by qualified professors through regular classes held in Kolkata. Correspondence Courses are available for the students who live at distant places. Academic Session for admission in all such courses start in January and July every year. Correspondence Courses are offered at any time of the year.

Examinations are conducted at regular intervals and the students are to qualify themselves in such examinations and thereafter Diplomas/Certificates are awarded.

Our Members live all over India and abroad. Our practising astrologers are well established and have earned name, fame and prosperity in Society.

Aims & Objectives
  • Promoting learning of Astrology & imparting tuition & training, arranging discussions, debates, seminars, etc in order to create educated astrologers and to eradicate quack astrologers from the society
  • Publish books, periodicals and literature on Astrology
  • Conducting research and bringing all known & researched areas up to date
  • Building an authoritative library
  • Exploiting to the fullest extent all the existing facilities of institutions such as planetariums, museums, metrological and geological institutions etc by participating in their investgations & collaborating in mundane predictions
  • Awakening the students to the fact that both science and art of astrology are interwoven
  • Arranging periodic learned discourses and publishing of scientific papers
  • Offering encouragements to students for research & publishing their findings



Registration No: S/24603 of 1979-1980

No: SO024603 of 1979-1980 (Digital) Dt: 02 04.2019

Registered Office:
7A, Benoy Bose Road,
Kolkata - 700 025.
Phone: (033) 2474 6678.
Mobile: 94324 37030 / 72784 44123 / 98300 06201
E-Mail :
Working Hours: 2PM - 6PM (Except Sunday & Tuesday)

Classes held at:

(Near Netaji Bhavan Metro Station)
Bust Stop : Chakraberia
Class Hours: 2PM - 5PM (Only on Sunday)


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