Jyotish Visharad

Course Type Diploma
Course Contents
Paper I (Full Marks - 100)
Astrological Practice - Prediction of life events
(i) General Prediction on the basis of a birth chart
(ii) Time of events on the basis of Dasa and gochar
(iii) Preventive Astrology

Paper II (Full Marks - 100)
Vastu Shastra
What is Vastu Shastra - What is its utility. Constructions of a dwelling house. Decoration of rooms, Commercial establishment, Industrial establishment, Remedial measures for Vastu faults.

Paper III (Full Marks - 100)
Horary Astrology (Krishnamurthy Paddhati)
What is Krishnamurthy Paddhati ? Calculation of ascendant and cuspal points of different houses. Finding out sub-Lords, Star Lords, significators and ruling planets and their importance in K.P. Erection of a Horary chart. Ruling planets in retrograde motion, time of events and ruling planets. Fundamental Principles for framing rules in K.P.Horary.

Paper IV / Group A (Full Marks - 50)
Muhurta Jyotish
What is meant by Muhurtha, Comparison between Hindu traditional astrology (Natal/Horary) and Electional astrology, Importance of Muhurtha Jyotish, Birth Star and Moon, Influence of Constellation, Adverse yogas and their neutralisation, Post Natal ceremonies viz i)Namkarana, ii)Karna Vedha, iii)Tonsure (Annaprasan), iv)Commencing, v)Education, vi)Parayana, vii)Electing a time for marriage, viii)Buying jewellery, ix)Election pertaining to different educations, x) Construction of building (House), xi)Laying foundation, xii)Buying land for building, xiii)Vinashak Nakshatra.

Panchanga suddhi in reference to Bishuddha Siddhanta Panjika in all respect.

Paper IV / Group B (Full Marks - 50)
Preventive Astrology
Five different methods of prevention of adverse planetary effects - which one is best and why ?

Duration One year
Course Fees Admission Fee - Rs. 1500/-
Development Fee - Rs. 1000/-
Session Fee - Rs. 500/-
Examination Fee - Rs. 700/-
Tuition Fee - Rs. 500/-

Correspondence Course Fees - Rs. 20000/- (at a time)

  • Maharshi Parasara Gold Medal                           (First)
    Donated By: Indian Institute Of Astrology
  • Purnima Sengupta Memorial Silver Medal       (Second)
    Donated By: Late Arun Kumar Sengupta (Ex. Hony President / Ex. Hony Principal)
  • Y.K. Menon Memorial Bronzee Medal               (Third)
    Donated By: Indian Institute Of Astrology
  • Purnima Sengupta memorial Gold Medal
    (Highest Marks in Vastu Shastra)
    Donated By: Late Arun Kumar Sengupta (Ex. Hony President / Ex. Hony Principal)
  • Radha Rani Chaudhuri Memorial Gold Medal
    (Highest Marks in Prediction of Life Events)
    Donated By: Shri Bhutnath Chaudhuri (Hony Treasurer)
  • Radha Rani Basu Ray Memorial Gold Medal
    (Highest marks in Krishnamurthy Paddhati)
    Donated By: Shri Asit Kumar Basu Roy (Ex. Hony Genl. Secretary)

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