Course Type Diploma
Course Contents
Preliminary Year

Paper I (Full Marks - 100)
Casting of Horoscope (Astrological Mathematics with Preliminary Astronomy)
Preliminary idea about a horoscope - Casting of horoscopes - Calculation of the longitudes of planets at a given epoch with reference to IST. Calculation of the Lagna and 10th Bhava with reference to LMT. Calculation of twelve bhava centres by using Lagna and 10thBhava. Vimsottari and Ashtottari Dasa - Different methods of writing a horoscope

Paper II / Group A (Full Marks - 50)
Fundamentals of Predictive Astrology
(i) Prediction of life events from this birth chart is predictive astrology. Karataka of nine planets, twelve signs and twenty seven stars - Twelve bhavas starting from Lagna, their names and Karakatas in details.
(ii) General prediction on the basis of Birth Charts

Paper II / Group B (Full Marks - 50)
Basic conception of Numerology, Numbers and their properties, numbers and planets. Determination and calculation of destiny no, directional no, month no, day no, etc from the date of birth. Numerology of : a)Education b)Profession c)Business d)Hobbies e)Love f)Matrimony g)Love marriage h)Single life & divorce i)Choice of life mate. Lucky years, months, days, nos, etc. Orbital theory of Nos. Personality, memory, intelligence and their determination.

Paper III (Full Marks - 100)
Comprehensive Astrology I
(i) Education and Profession
(ii) Travel and Journey (Inland/Foreign)
(iii) Finance, Property and Vehicles

Intermediate Year

Paper I (Full Marks - 100)
Comprehensive Astrology II
Female Horoscopy, marriage and children. Yotaka Vichar or match making. Ashtakoot Vichar and verification of the same by modern clinical tests, other methods of match making

Paper II (Full Marks - 100)
History of the study of palms, The two palms - which palm to look at. Areas of the palm, etc, Texture of the skin, fingers and finger tips, Mounts on the palm, Five principal lines on the palm, Major and minor lines of the palm of palms, The girdle of Venus, the ring of Saturn, etc, The marks on the palm and fingers and their effects, Reckoning of time and approximate dates of the principal events in life, Practical demonstration on palmistry

Paper III / Group A (Full Marks - 50)
Medical Astrology
Fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology with stress on different systems and cavities in the body including related organs and functions thereof. Karakata of planets and bhavas on health. Parts and organs of the body rules by 12 bhavas and 27 Nakshatras. Parts and organs of the body rules and diseases caused by 9 planets.

Paper III / Group B (Full Marks - 50)
Karakata of planets and bhavas in respect of longevity. Three pairs of Parasara for the determination of longevity. Casting of Pataki Chakra and determination of time of rishta from the Chakra. Determination of Maraka planets and their evil effects. Types and nature of death caused by planets.

Final Year

Paper I(Full Marks - 100)
Mundane Astrology
What is Mundane Astrology. Studies of Earthquake, Floods, Droughts, Cyclones and other natural calamities. Political and economic conditions, Annual Horoscope, Boom and slump trends of the market

Paper II (Full Marks - 100)
Comprehensive Astrology III
Judgement of strong and weak horoscope. Analysis and prediction of a sufficient number of birth horoscopes on all aspects of life with reference to Vimsottari Dosa and transiting planets. Verification of birth time and its rectification.

Paper III (Full Marks - 100)
Horary Astrology (As per Hindu Traditional System)
Definition, scope & importance of Horary System, Time of erection of a Horoscope. How to judge Ruling Planets & Houses, which time (a) good/bad (b) Marriage/children/son/daughter (c)Education/general/higher/research (d) Buy/sale of an article (e) sign or start of any good event (f) Missing/regain of an article (g) Travelling, pilgrimage, joyful/ hazardous tour/educational tour/ foreign tour (h) Change of job, reappointment etc

Paper IV / Group A (Full Marks - 50)
Siddhantic or Positional Astrology
Concept of time. Different elements of Panchanga and their calculation - different kinds of years. Electional Astrology with reference to Panjika

Paper IV/ Group B (Full Marks - 50)
Old Sanskrit Texts & History
Introduction about books of Parasara, Baraha Mihira, Jamini, Prithuyasas, Mantreshwara and Venkatesh Sharma

Paper V (Full Marks - 100)
A thesis on any problem of Astrology to be indicated by the Research Guide

Duration Three Years
Course Fees
Preliminary Year

Admission Fee - Rs. 1500/-
Development Fee - Rs. 1000/-
Session Fee - Rs. 500/-
Examination Fee - Rs. 700/-
Tuition Fee - Rs. 100/-

Correspondence Course Fees - Rs. 5000/- (at a time)

Intermediate Year

Development Fee - Rs. 1000/-
Session Fee - Rs. 500/-
Examination Fee - Rs. 700/-
Tuition Fee - Rs. 200/-

Correspondence Course Fees - Rs. 10000/- (at a time)

Final Year

Development Fee - Rs. 1000/-
Session Fee - Rs. 500/-
Examination Fee - Rs. 700/-
Tuition Fee - Rs. 400/-

Correspondence Course Fees - Rs. 15000/- (at a time)

  • Sarbaranjan Ganguly Memorial Gold Medal       (First)
    Donated By: Late Ranjit Kumar Ganguly (Ex. Hony. Professor)
  • Haricharan Mitra Memorial Silver Medal           (Second)
    Donated By: Shri Rajat Subhra Mitra (Ex. Hony. Vice Principal)
  • Arun Goswami Memorial Bronze Medal              (Third)
  • Donated By: Indian Institute Of Astrology
  • Kamala Bala Ghosh Memorial Gold Medal
    (Highest Marks in Comprehensive Astrology)
    Donated By: Late Sukumar Ghosh(Ex. Hony. Genl. Secretary)
  • Kanika Roychowdhury Memorial Gold Medal
    (Highest Marks in Thesis Paper)
    Donated By: Indian Institute Of Astrology
  • Mihir Mohan Banerjee Memorial Silver Medal
    (Second Rank in Thesis Paper)
    Donated By: Shri Malay Bandopadhyay (Hony. President)
  • Gita Nanda Sen Sharma Memorial Bronze Medal
    (Third Rank in Thesis Paper)
    Donated By: Smt. Bhaswati Chattopadhyay (Ex. Hony. Principal)
  • Pravabati Devi Chakraborty Memorial Gold Medal
    (Highest average percentage of attendance during three years among successful students) Donated By: Amiya Bikash Chakraborty (Ex. Hony. Genl. Secretary)
  • Asit Kr. Chaudhuri Memorial Gold Medal
    (Highest Marks in Palmistry subject to successful completion of the Final Year )
    Donated By:Wife Of Late Asit Kr. Chaudhuri
  • Arun Kr. Sengupta Memorial Gold Medal
    (Highest Marks obtained in aggregate of three consecutive years against Comprehensive Astrology)
    Donated By: Indian Institute Of Astrology
  • Krishna Dutta Memorial Gold Medal
    (Highest Marks in Mundane Astrology)
    Donated By: Shri Saurav Kamal Dutta (Hony. Genl. Secretary)
  • Ashalata Chatterjee Memorial Gold Medal
    (Highest Marks obtained in casting of Horoscope subject to succesful completion of final year)
    Donated By: Shri Narayan Pada Chattopadhyay (Hony. Principal Education Advisor)
  • Bholanath Chatterjee Memorial Gold Medal
    (Highest Marks obtained in Horary Astrology)
    Donated By: Shri Biswanath Chatterjee (Office Assistant / Hony Member of Gov. Body)

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